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IPhone Articles

IPhone Articles

screen protectorWith out an iPhone display screen protector, you may end up with a scratched or cracked display screen. If there's any bubbles, take a credit card or cardboard beer coaster from a bar and work them to the closest edge or opening (like around the house button or ear piece hole) until they disappear. I used to hate placing on screen protectors too, but a good friend of mine who does vinyl decals on the perimeters of vans and signs showed me the above methods. Now I get them on usually on the first shot but typically on the rare event I have to toss the primary protector and use the second that comes within the package deal. I had no issues with applying the screen protector, due to the instructions.

One other excellent option is the BodyGuardz Pure Glass Display Protector for Galaxy Word 5. Though it's kind of pricier than the others we have selected, you are at all times getting a quality protector with these guys. The exceptional clarity and touchscreen sensitivity of this pure glass protector ensures you are safe from nasty scratches and impacts to the display. Included is a microfiber cleansing cloth, alcohol wipe and a single tempered glass protector for the display of the Be aware 5.

One of the best ways to get rid of mud and dust is to make use of a comfortable mud cloth to wipe down your iPhone. Small little bit of polish (I find furnishings wax polish works a deal with) and some tissue, give your iPhone a fast sprucing to convey up a pleasant excessive shine and to rid it of any fingerprints or greasy residue. Having eliminated the display screen protector from its packaging, and along with your iPhone positioned face up on a flat surface, line the underside of the screen protector up with the bottom of the iPhone. If not, merely peel again the display protector and reset it in its correct place.

These of you already rocking a display protector on your Galaxy Notice 5: let's hear what you are using and the way it's working for you in feedback below! I had a ZAGG glass protector on my S6 until a couple of days ago when it started to crack because of some gentle scratches near the edge. They just ship them out to you as quickly as you show them your order quantity, or generally an image of the cracked protector. My iPhone 6 Plus is filled with hairline display scratches, and some are fairly deep.

The glass feels good, and its an incredible buy if only for the packaging, which is covered with a pleasant drawing. The initial installation was satisfactory, however when I put on my case the edges of the case dug under the display protector, and triggered it to elevate from the screen. I'm sure the protector by itself is great, but I am disenchanted that the two products don't work well together, and that they had been advertised together when they clearly don't work properly together. The display screen disappears and actually does minimize the ever current finger prints you get from all the other display screen protectors.

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